Orthotic Solutions available at Sporty Feet Podiatrist Clinic

Orthoses are medical devices which are inserted into shoes or sports shoes. The function of an orthotic is to stabilise foot function and control excessive motions of the foot and aiding in a more efficient gait.

At Sportfeetni, orthoses are custom made and prescribed to the patient's individual foot type. A Plaster of Paris mould is taken of the patient's foot and orthoses are made from the latest Cad Cam Technology. At Sportfeetni, we offer a wide variety of orthotic devices to accommodate the various types of shoe wear.

Simple insoles and "over the counter" orthoses are also available on request. Ankle Foot Orthoses and Ankle Splints are also provided.

To find out more phone Sean Savage on 02890 669 843 or 07714 720 866.